Man charged with shooting Atlanta bartender

At this time, details of what is happening are unclear.

ATLANTA — The man accused of killing and kidnapping an Atlanta bartender in August has now been charged.

Documents obtained by 11Alive indicate that Demarcus Brinkley has been charged with 15 counts of aggravated assault, attempted rape, kidnapping and murder.

Mariam Abdulrab was abducted after leaving her job as a bartender at Revery VR Bar around 5 a.m., Atlanta police say. Hours later, police said they found the 27-year-old’s body off Lakewood Avenue, just two miles from her home.

Brinkley was then taken to Fulton County Jail days later due to her death after a police chase in Griffin ended in wreckage, hospitalizing both himself and another person.

The charging documents now charge Brinkley, who was on probation for child molestation when Abdulrab was killed, with the bartender’s murder. The indictment alleges he kidnapped Abdulrab, drove her to Lakewood Avenue and attempted to rape her.

He is accused of then shooting her and killing her.

Police released audio of a 911 call the night Abdulrab was killed, with a witness saying he saw a woman being forced into an SUV near Burroughs Street.

“I watched it all through my window in my front yard. He had a gun on her and he forced her into a car. He was wearing a security shirt,” the caller said.

Condolences have poured in from the community since Abdulrab’s passing, from social media tributes to a mural of his face painted on an Atlanta building.

Those close to her described her as a person who “brought light” to others.

“My daughter was the most peaceful and loving person. She didn’t deserve this,” her father Khalid Abdulrab said.