Never Say That to a Bartender | 96.5 KISS-FM

Bartenders have unspoken rules that unfortunately too many customers break. Here are 15 things bartenders have said News Feed NEVER tell your bartender unless you want to face their wrath!

1) They HATE when you use the bottom of your bottle to call them. According to this bartender, it makes him want to “do things by the bottle”.

2) Be patient and don’t act legitimately. Bartenders are human too!

3) If you plan to have at least a few drinks, open the dang tab. This bartender said the constant opening and closing of individual orders slows down service for everyone at the bar, including you! So if you want better service, help bartenders do their job more efficiently.

4) Don’t be rude! This bartender hates being called lame nicknames like “bartender” and “serving wench”, even as a joke.

5) Remember that bartenders aren’t just cheap therapists, they’re professionals who offer you a service! This bartender wants you to remember that they are not your employees. So be polite, patient, tip and tip!

6) A bartender had a helpful tip for Guinness drinkers. “ALWAYS order your Guinness first. [It] needs time to settle once poured.”

7) Have you ever asked your bartender “what beers/wines do you have?” Maybe check the menu next time or at least offer some drinks you like too. This bartender said “I need at least one style so I can help you find something you like…trying to throw 30 random beers at an indecisive person can be time consuming and a bit boring. “

8) Remember that bartenders are professionals offering a service to you, so don’t be cheap and ask for a “fit” on the price. “Don’t tell me to ‘tune in’ on the first drink I make for you. You hook me up with a generous tip, and then we can go from there. Big tips go a long way.”

9) Don’t ask them to “make me what you feel” or rather “surprise me”. A bartender said it “sucks [them] endless” and another had this to say – “So the whiskey is clean then. Seriously, never say that to a bartender. Just order what you want or ask for a suggestion based on a flavor profile you like. It’s neither cute nor helpful to be indecisive.”

10) This should be obvious, but apparently it’s not – don’t talk badly about another bartender. They’ll probably assume that any trouble was your fault due to your obvious lack of decorum. If there’s a real problem that needs fixing, ask a manager.

11) Here’s another obvious one – Don’t be aggressively flirtatious! “A lot of people will think it’s okay just because you as the bartender are friendly and it’s construed as flirting.” Remember that part of being professional is being friendly. Let them do their thing without being scary!

12) Think you know more than the bartender? Think again. “Don’t give me unsolicited bartending advice.” They don’t show up at your job and tell you what they think you’re doing wrong!

13) “Don’t ask what my ‘real job’ is.” Who do this !?

14) Think being loud will get you noticed by a busy bartender? Uh, not so much. “One tip is: sit patiently at the bar, make eye contact with the bartender around you, and SMILE. A warm smile is very welcoming in the chaos, and it’s more than likely to come your way. you first through the assholes. hissing and waving their money and slamming the bar.”

15) Don’t forget that bartenders are very busy! “Don’t expect top notch service in five seconds on a Friday/Saturday night at 9pm. Be patient and smile, say please and thank you.”