Seattle bartender speaks out after being cut in the face by customer – KIRO 7 Seattle news

SEATTLE – A bartender in the Chinatown-International District was slashed in the face by a customer on Monday after turning him back for refusing to show proof of vaccination.

According to witnesses, at around 5.15 p.m. Monday, the bartender, Felicite Ogilvy, was assaulted.

This assault happened at Joe’s Bar and Grill in the 500 block of King Street, where police said a man used a long stick with a sharp piece of metal on the end to attack him.

Ogilvy told KIRO 7 that things started off calmly but suddenly escalated. “It got aggressive, being aggressive very, very quickly.”

“As soon as I throw him out, that’s when he decides to throw a stick in my face,” Ogilvy said.

The confrontation was filmed on video surveillance.

Ogilvy needed 31 stitches to close the wound on his left cheek.

She said: “I really hope this doesn’t happen to anyone else and I hope we can stop this situation so that it does not get worse. I hope I don’t act like this guy did. I would never wish that on anyone. Because if it wasn’t my check, it could have been my neck, it could have been my eye.

On the day of the assault, clients attempted to follow the assailant, but they believe he fled on the streetcar.

Officers searched the area for the man, but could not find him.

Anyone who recognizes the abuser is asked to call Seattle Police at 206-233-5000.