WATCH NOW: Cedar Lake bar destroyed by fire; bartender keeps customers safe | Cedar Lake News

CEDAR LAKE — As flames engulfed a bar in Cedar Lake, multiple firefighters worked to battle the blaze Friday night. The fire destroyed the building, which has long been part of the community.

Around 8:30 p.m., first responders were called to Schane’s Bar and Grill at 8120 North Lakeshore Drive, and multiple response agencies were called to help Cedar Lake firefighters.

Sammi Schane, whose family owns the business, was the only person working at the bar when flames suddenly erupted from the kitchen. Schane quickly sprang into action, getting all customers outside to safety before firefighters arrived.

“There were immediate flames,” Schane said. “There were about eight to ten people in there.”

Cedar Lake Fire Department Chief Todd Wilkening said there were no injuries.

Cedar Lake Police Chief Bill Fisher said the fire spread very quickly throughout the structure. Heavy flames and smoke were visible in the building and an aerial truck extinguished the fire from above while firefighters hosed down open windows and doors with water.

As of 10 p.m., flames were still burning between the two roofs of the building and crews were expected to be on the scene for several hours.